HabRitual is an experiential production, interdisciplinary design and immersive art studio working globally at the intersection of art, technology and nature to catalyze social and systemic change. The studio is committed to integrating nature’s regenerative system design to inform and inspire holistic collaboration and design for all life to thrive, not just humans. At its core, the studio aims to support and playfully spark collective creative potential to design platforms, programs and experiences that reach, educate and inspire diverse groups of people.
• Project Management 
• Creative + Experiential Production 
• Interactive Art Curation, Creation + Coordination
• Event Production 
• Experience Design
• Art Curation + Creation + Direction
• Curriculum Development, Design + Delivery 
• Financial Modeling + Budget Management
• Interdisciplinary Incubator Creation
• Experiential Marketing 
• Immersive Theatre
• Environmental Design 
• Set Design, Fabrication + Installation
• Conference + Festival Design
• Design Sprints 
• Systems Thinking Implementation
• Program Design + Delivery

habRitual LLC • 4040 Civic Center Dr., Suite 200 | San Rafael, CA 94903 • phone: 415.448.7061